International Trade

Have you identified demand for your product, a market opportunity?  Thanks to its worldwide network of partner companies, BELGA Investment is able to offer its clients optimal pricing and attractive payment terms.

Whatever the product, via its worldwide network of partners and clients, BELGA Investment can  present your tenders to manufacturers and suppliers across the world and obtain replies rapidly.

Please find below some of the product and service areas BELGA  Investment has expertise in as part of its commercial consulting services:
Cement, marble, building materials, plastics, etc.

Sunflower oil, wheat, flour, rice, sugar and other foodstuffs

Crude oil, Bitumen and Asphalt, Kerosene, Diesel and Petrol Fuel Gost 10585-75 & 10585-99 of heating oil M 100,

JP 54 & A1 Carboreactor, Colonial Class JP 54 Carboreactor, Natural Gas and LPG, Petrocoke, etc.

Automated Vehicle Washing Systems

Medical supplies.

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