Construction Projects

BELGA Investment provides consulting services in Turkey and Europe. It also specialises in providing services to Chinese companies in the real estate and construction sectors.

It has links with specialised Turkish, European, American and Chinese companies involving construction projects in Turkey, Russia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Oman.

BELGA Investment also provides consultancy services related to the acquisition of land, apartments and turnkey real estate. It is involved in the setting up of consortia bringing together construction companies, as well as in project management and the establishment of joint ventures.

BELGA Investment organises overseas projects on behalf of construction businesses in wide-ranging fields and making use of appropriate expertise.

BELGA Investment selects national and foreign investors for real estate projects in Turkey.

BELGA Investment provides consultancy services to the construction industry in the following fields:

BUILDINGS: Residential, hotels, infrastructures for tourism, business centres and centres for social or cultural activities, hospitals and administrative buildings.

TRANSPORT: Civil engineering, bridges and highways, roadworks, railways, harbours and airports.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Town planning, drinking water provision, water treatment, pipelines.

WATER: Retention basins, irrigation

INDUSTRIAL SITES: IndustriaI equipment, electric power stations, petrochemical installations (refineries), storage, telecommunications, electric power lines.

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