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BELGA  Investment is an investment, management and consulting company founded in Istanbul in 2008.
Run by founder and CEO Ömer ŞEN, a graduate in business administration ,      BELGA Investment benefits from his extensive consulting experience in fields as diverse as real estate, import-export and finance.
BELGA  Investment represents construction companies specialising in residential buildings and accommodation, commercial centres, business centres, administrative buildings, socio-cultural infrastructures, hospitals, hotels, motorways, highways, bridges, dykes and retention basins, harbours and petrochemical installations, infrastructure projects. It is also active in financial consultancy.

Whatever the product and whatever the countries involved, BELGA  Investment identifies the Import-Export sector which best meets its clients' requirements and submits the most favourable prices and payment terms to them.

Together with its partners and institutions in Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, France and the USA, BELGA  Investment offers its clients the following range of services:

• Market research
• Real estate consultancy services
• Evaluation of investment projects
• Providing partners for joint ventures
• Financial instrument and ressource consultancy services

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