BELGA Investment provides consultancy services to business and public or municipal institutions at both national and international levels.

BELGA Investment, via its partners and agents, handles applications to banks and financial institutions in Turkey, Europe and the USA for short-, medium- and long-term loans.

BELGA Investment uses the professional services of international companies to carry out feasibility analyses, for real estate surveying and independent financial audits in line with client requirements.

Working in partnership with its clients, BELGA Investment prepares the required documents, contacts sources of finance, ensures the smooth running of negotiations, and follows transactions through to a satisfactory outcome.

BELGA Investment is your advisor for:

  • Financing international projects,
  • Structured financing,
  • Loan backing with property collateral,
  • Loans with bank guarantee letter,
  • Commercial loans,
  • Letters of credit for import-export
  • Export opportunities with termed Letter of Credit,
  • Discount transactions with bank Guarantee Letter,
  • Performance bonds for Import-export
  • Financing municipal infrastructure projects,
  • Financing international public sector projects.

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